As you approach the sale of your property, we ask that you assist us in providing your potential buyers the most comprehensive inspection possible by completing the checklist below before we show up to inspect.

If you do these 10 simple things, our inspection will reflect that you have properly maintained your property. As a result, our inspection will reveal fewer deficiencies and/or defects which may limit repair requests.

We wish you success in the sale of your property and best wishes as you move into your next home.

inspection checklist


Turn off alarm systems and provide access to property.

Kennel all animals.

Replace all burned out light bulbs.

Repair any leaks or slow drains.

Change HVAC filters.

Light pilot lights.

Leave utilities on.

Empty dishwasher, washer and dryer so they can be tested.

Provide clear access to attic, crawlspace, furnace and water heater.

Prepare to be away for a minimum 3 hours.

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